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Items For Trade

Post  DonTheDon on Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:27 am

Elite Items

Dracul's Grasp x2 (Both Perfect LS 10%)
Steel Shade x2 (6% MS & 5 Fire Absorb) (5%MS & 11 Fire Absorb)
Eth Boneshade
Blackoak Shield
Demonhorn's Edge
Lightsabre X2 (Ones 193% ED & 7% MS)
Ormus Robes (12C/10L/10F & +3 Frozen Armor)
Stormshield X2
Eth. Sandstorm Trek
Eschuta's Temper
Nosferatu's Coil (6% LS)
Frostwind (9 Artic/8% Cold Absorb)
Jade Talon (+2 to Arts & Shadow/+50 Res/12%MS)
Spirit Ward (20%Blocking/+40 Res/6 Cold Absorb)
Jalal's Mane (170%Edef)
Soul Drainer (5% MS & LS)

Set Items

Bul Kathos Sacred Charge
Nats Armor
IK Helm & Maul
Aldurs Weapon(3 Socket), Armor, Boots

Exceptional Items

Eth. Blackthorn's Face
Vampire Gaze (7%MS/8%LS/15%DamR)
Thundergods Vigor

Jewels, Rings, Ammys, Runes, Charms

40% EDam Magic Jewel

Rare Ring = 10% FCR/+12 AR/+17 STR/+7 Life/+5% Fire Resist
Rare Ring = 10% FCR/+5 Str/+8 Dex/+3 Mana/24% Fire & Lightning
Rare Ring = 5% MS/7% LS/+2 STr/ +28% Lightning & Poison Resist
Rare Ring = 16 AR/6% MS&LS/+8 Stam/%6MF
Rare Ring = 6% MS/ 5% LS/ +1 Energy/+3 Resistances
Rare Ring = 5% MS/ 7% LS/ +11 Dex/ +46 Mana/23% L Resist/14% F Resist
Unique Rings = Plenty, just ask what your looking for.

+1 Martial Arts + 37 Life
Gheeds 39%


(5) Phase Blade 11%ED + 1 AR
(4) Eth. Crystal Sword

Im Looking For:
Sorc/Zon Torch
Frezz Charms

Eth. Skullders
Eth. Shaftstop
Any Runewords (Already have lvl 17 Insight and Decent Spirit)
Trang Set Need Helm and Shield
Tals Set Need Ammy
Elite Items (Stuff not already listed, although I do have alot)
Or Anything Really, if there is something you need and you only have runes, We can see whats up.

Not Looking For:

Windforce (Have one)
Any Non Elite Items

Username is the same in the game, But Sometimes the Bot is running so your better off just posted on this thread or send me a message. Thanks for Browsing![u]

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