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Post  Frezzno on Fri Sep 16, 2011 5:41 pm


Q: I see no f#ck%ng CD-key?
A: It's the long and weird file name in the archives. Copy and paste the letters after the "-" symbol.

Q: I installed and did as described on the torrent description and still I got wrong client version something when I try to connect, WT...?
A: Windows Vista and Win7 have higher security when it comes to installing updates and stuff. You need to execute the updates with admin rights. Do that by right click the update and select run as admin. If you can't do that you need to configure your user in the controlpanel.

Q: OK, I think I got all the installation right, but I don't see any Frez Room. Only USA, Europe and places I'm not interested in. I want to go to Frez Room.
A: Your system didn't register the reg file properly. As the problem above, Vista and Win7 need to run the reg file as admin.

Q: When I press the battle.net button It only says connecting to the fastest server or something... then nothing happens.
A: Your firewall is blocking the game. You need to let "game.exe" have internet access. Check your firewall settings.

Q: My D2 have internet access still the same problem.
A: Server might be down, call Frezzno.

Q: Yes! All is ok, I did an account and created a character. But when I start a game I only see the door graphic for a while. Then it says that the game doesn't exist or I lost the connection.
A: Ops, PVPGN is on but not the D2 game server itself. Call Frezzno.

Q: I'm beyond windows and playing it on my MAC, can I join?
A: Get a PC ! No just kidding. Check this thread.


Q: Server states that there are lots of members and games online, but I can only see a few. How come?
A: You can only see games of your character difficulty, ladder and maybe level, depends on the game set-up by the member. You also can't see passworded games, those you need to enter manually by knowing the game name and password. Currently Frezzno is working on making all the games visible but fails.

Q: I'm entering the chat but I'm the only one there despite that I know many are online, or...?
A: They are all playing.

Q: Is it possible to import my single player character to your server?
A: Hmm it depends. check this thread.


Q: How do I call Frezzno?
A: You can try PM him. If nothing happens, send him an email to "d2lod-frezznoATtelia.com", and hope for the best.

To be continued...

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